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We have found a typical C130 wash will require approximately 10-15 Large CDR Pads.
Yes. We work closely with a wash contractor who has reduced the soap consumption by 40% since adding the CDR Aircraft Cleaning Pad to their wash program. A typical C-130 Aircraft wash consumes 7-8 gallons of aircraft soap.
It is important to keep the CDR Pad saturated with solution. Be mindful of rivets and sharp objects to minimize tearing of the pad. If a pad does tear, don’t throw it away. Use the small pieces for other areas.
Yes. We would be happy to brainstorm ideas with wash personnel to assist in an efficient and cost saving wash program.
A typical wash, with a 6 crew member team, should take approximately 7-9 hours.
Yes. We are available to take phone orders. We gladly accept government purchase cards.
Yes. Search our company name, Seznep, for quick results.
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